Cosmetic Dentist In Dubai

Cosmetic Dentist In Dubai

Cosmetic Dentistry Trends to Look Forward in 2020

Having a perfect set of sparkling teeth is no less than a blessing. It adds to your appearance and plays a vital role in boosting confidence. On the contrary, discolored, uneven or missing teeth can spoil your otherwise vibrant and appealing personality. Thanks to the advancement in cosmetic dentistry, these and many other issues that affect the appearance of our teeth can be rectified.

Cosmetic Dentist In Dubai

has come a long way. It can now do much more than merely whitening your teeth. There are numerous other defects for which you can consult a professional cosmetic dentist in Dubai. The city is a front runner when it comes to advancement in cosmetic dentistry.

The coming times are surely going to bring more development in this medical field. Here are some of the most anticipated trends in cosmetic dentistry we are looking forward to in 2020:

A More Natural Look

Although teeth whitening practice is as old as cosmetic dentistry itself, it still remains a hot trend even in today’s times. In contrast to what people wanted in the past i.e. more white and bright teeth, a natural look is a trend now. 2020 too shall witness more people opting for a natural look of their teeth instead of as white as possible.

This treatment doesn’t take a lot of time. At maximum, the patient will have to stay in the dental clinic for an hour. The best part; you don’t feel any pain. However, those who have sensitive teeth, they may feel slight discomfort.

The Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With the advancement of modern technology, the use of AI has spread to almost all fields of life and cosmetic dentistry is no exception.

In this field, it isn’t used as a form of treatment but to predict results. Patients can now have a clear vision of how their teeth will look after the treatment. This gives them an idea which treatment is more suitable for them as they can try them, albeit virtually, before going for the procedure.

3D Printing

Many people avoid getting certain dental treatments due to their high costs. This will not be an issue anymore with the use of 3D printing technology becoming more common in cosmetic dentistry. This technology lowers the cost and increases the efficiency as well. This is why we have termed it as one of the most anticipated trends in cosmetic dentistry of 2020. Dentists can now make accurate physical models for different dental issues. This is one trend that is surely going to last longer in the coming years.

Clear Aligners

It certainly won’t be wrong to state that clear aligners are going to completely replace traditional metal braces that have ruined yearbook photos of many people. These aligners are manufactured using state of the art technology. They are shaped to fit the mouth of the patient, without any hardware. Contrary to the metal braces, these aligners are comfortable to wear and easy to clean. Lastly, they are removable, which makes it easier to maintain good oral health.

You may not find these latest practices followed by all dental clinics. So, lookout for a dental clinic that is technologically advanced before booking an appointment with a Cosmetic Dentist In Dubai.


Cosmetic Dentist In Dubai


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