Same Day Dental Implants in Dubai

Dental Implants in Dubai are the most preferred solution for people with missing teeth. Other than dental implants, there are those who opt for dentures, but for immediate relief and a quick solution they will opt for same day dental implants.

Unlike dentures, same day dental implants don’t slip or move around. Same day dental implants are loaded onto titanium rods that are positioned close to the jawbone to allow the growth of bone to encase them and fuse them permanently to the jaw.

The same day implant process will involve three visits. At the first appointment the  dental specialist will perform dental extractions of the damaged tooth and insert the dental implants. Within 6 hours the placement of screw retained, fixed acrylic, temporary teeth is done.   The third and final appointment will take place within seven days, where the patient will undergo the placement of screw retained, fixed porcelain, permanent teeth.
Patients should bring someone to the procedure with them so that there is someone to fill out forms and even drive the patient back home as a sedative will be given during the procedure. Dentists recommend that patients refrain from engaging in any normal activities least a day or two in order to reap the benefits and long lasting effects of the procedure.
Make prior arrangements to stock the kitchen with food that are soft like soups, puddings, gelatine, mashed potatoes, yogurt, apple sauce, and other foods that require very little chewing and use of the teeth. Patient’s will need to continue eating soft food for a short time.

Never use a straw to drink. You may think using a straw will help when you drink liquids after the procedure, but it can actually cause pressure on the incision area. Give your gums time to heal before using a straw.
You should not drink alcohol or smoke soon after a dental implant procedure.
If you do have pain, ask the dentist to prescribe some pain medication. Avoid taking aspirin for the pain, as it can make the blood thinner, making the recovery process longer and cause complications such as excessive bleeding.

If you do have a swelling in the area, use an ice pack to the outside of the jaw to reduce the swelling and help reduce the pain as well. Ice packs can provide relief for a short time. Use a towel to t wrap the ice pack so that you don’t directly place it on the area.

Avoid strenuous activities or talking too much, if you do have visitors explain to them prior to the procedure that you will not be able to talk to them much.
If you are a patient who needs to return to work, then plan and schedule the procedure so that you can have at least 2 – 3 days to recover. You should spend the first 48 hours resting as much as possible to avoid any complications.

The dental clinic in Dubai will provide a few tips on same day dental implants after care so that you have a long lasting Hollywood Smile and aesthetically pleasing fixed teeth.