Cosmetic dentistry in Dubai

Cosmetic Dentistry is the process of creating a positive change to a person’s overall well being by treatment methods to enhance their smile and teeth. With a dazzling new smile, people build confidence in themselves, giving them the ability to do anything they want and never have any negative vibes about themselves. With cosmetic dentistry, dentists administer life changing treatments that can truly enhance the shape and colour of a patients teeth.

SameDay Dental Implants in Dubai, the clinic in the Middle East offering the ‘‘same day dental implant ’’ service, provide the following dentistry services,

  • Implants- These are replacements for missing teeth and can replace missing teeth in one day with the immediate loading of dental implants. By using angled implants, placed directly into available bone, the procedure does not require bone grafting, which is normally associated with the placement of implants and can be painful. The ‘’same day implant’’ technique means you can walk away with ‘’same day teeth’’ and a smile you are proud of within 6 hours.
  • Dental Crowns- Crowns are dental restorations covering all or most of natural teeth that have been damaged. They are made of composite or porcelain and are cemented on top of the damaged teeth.
  • Bonding- This refers to covering the tooth surface with a composite material to repair and change the colour or shape of a tooth. It is also sometimes called composite veneers.
  • Teeth Whitening and Bleaching- This is a process that restores teeth to their natural colour. Bleaching will not whiten porcelain crowns or composite tooth-coloured bondings.
  • Veneers- These are thin, custom-made shells of porcelain bonded to the outward-facing sides of natural teeth to improve their appearance. Ceramic porcelain Veneers gives people that natural-looking smile. This treatment is often recommend to enhance, restore tooth structure and function, and correct some orthodontic problems. No two veneer procedures are the same, they are different and depend on the individuals teeth and appearance.

A beautiful sparkling smile says it all, and you deserve to have it.