Dental Fillings in Dubai

Lots of people are worried about visiting their local Dental Clinic in Dubai and dreading their dentists discovering a cavity. Tooth fillings are a reality for many people and getting to know how you get them and how to prevent them will make it easier to eradicate dental problems in the future and keep dental cavities at bay. A filling is a restorative process that removes decay and bacteria and seals the repaired tooth to prevent further decay.

When an individual needs Dental fillings or a filling, there are a few signs that will make them aware that their tooth needs urgent care. Some people may have sensitivity to pressure, or may experience pain when they bite on food, there will also be dark stains and food might start to accumulate around the filling.

Decaying of teeth is mostly due to the presence of bacteria in a person’s mouth, which feasts on the sugar from the foods that we eat. When these bacteria are not cleaned using brushing and flossing teeth, the bacteria will begin to multiply and after eating the sugary substances in a patient’s mouth, they release a strong acid that eats away at the teeth. Bacteria live in a patient’s mouth and a dental filling will stop a patient’s tooth from decaying.Therefore, visit your dentists regularly to help lessen the chance of developing a cavity and eliminating bacteria from your teeth. If a patient does have fillings, getting a professional Dental Cleaning in Dubai will help keep their smile healthy. Also, if an existing filling falls out the patient must see a dentist immediately as this could be very painful and if left untreated, the patient could end up needing intensive treatment such as a root canal, build up, crown, or even extraction.

However, in order to have good oral health and a dazzling Hollywood Smile, brush after each meal and floss every day to prevent more cavities in the future. In between dental cleanings, avoid drinking sodas and eating sugary candies.

At SameDay Dental Implants we treat these minor dental issues so that they don’t become larger ones. The most common way for us to treat tooth decay is with a filling. We match the material used to your tooth color in order to provide the most aesthetically pleasing treatment.